Stick & Stretch PRO

Canvas Stretching System - Gallery Wraps Made Simple

Gallery wraps are photos printed onto canvas and then mounted on a frame with the image wrapped around the edge of the frame.  The look is very modern and is becoming extremely popular. Gallery wraps can be mounted unframed or they can be framed as a traditional art print.

Gallery wraps have previously been restrictive because stretching required very specialized skills and tools to do a proper job so customers would have to source out custom framers.


With the new gallery wrap system you can print on the canvas and stretch the canvas on to the stretcher bars in about 5 minutes – in house!  There are no special tools – you just need the mounting brackets and an Exacto knife.  The wrapping system is so easy to use that anyone can produce beautiful professional gallery wraps after only 10 minutes of training.


All stretcher sticks are sold in packs of one length which will make a square frame.  To create a rectangular frame you can purchase the second length separately (see SSPx 2 Frame Packs).  SS-KIT or SSP-KIT PRO corners are required to position the sticks correctly.  The standard Stick and Stretch can be used for 8” up to 24″ square, with the PRO version designed for larger size wraps up to 60”.




  • Edge wrap required is approximately 2 3/4″ for the Standard Sticks and 3 3/4″ for the Pro Sticks.
  • To create a 16″x20″ canvas, for example, buy 1 pack of 16″ sticks and 1 pack of 20″ sticks.
  • Extra glue is only used on canvas wraps to ensure a “drum” tight fit, due to the open weave of canvas.

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