iEcho PRO 3000


Effective Cutting Area:  1700mm x 3000mm or 67 inches x 118 inches

Fixed working surface with vacuum control system, electric motor and rail.

Control System includes pen, drag knife and creasing wheel.

iBrightCut Production Software

Slim line PC:  Windows 7, Intel i3 processor, 64 bit, 500 GB hard drive with monitor and stand


Standard Equipment

Three Cutting Heads

Electric Oscillating Tool

Kiss Cut Tool

CNC Router

V-Cut Tool

Camera Registration System (CCD) Debris

Collection Unit

Mill Cooling System

One standard plus two Z-axis control tool holders, pen, infrared

Enables the cutting of composite materials, such as, leather, corrugated paper, some woven fabrics, etc.

Cuts half-through for stickers, labels, vinyl cut-outs, etc.

Milling up to 60,000 rpm, cuts acrylic, PVC, MDF, ABS plate and other hard materials

Creates v-cuts of 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45°

Accurate registration of cutting data to within 0.1mm

Vacuums shavings from the cutting bed

Prevents router tool from over-heating

Optional Accessories

Driven Rotary Tool

Conveyor System

Roll to Roll Loading Device

Sheet Stacker

Cuts woven fabric, weaved cloth, etc.

Provides automatic feed for continuous cutting

For roll material loading

Non-stop loading of materials

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